vila The single palm Boutique , Phnompenh, Kambodža . Rezervujte hotel hned!

Vyberte si jazyk. Stránka je k dispozici v ?eštin? a dalších 42 jazycích.

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10 of the best boutique hotel websites | Travel | The Guardian


Boutique accommodation website i-escape has a collection of more than 1,500 hotels, BBs, villas and guesthouses (in more than 50 countries) with destinations as diverse as Argentina, Zanzibar, Malaysia and Montenegro and prices ranging from budget to luxury. The site maintains that quality, rather than quantity, is the main focus and of all the properties that apply to be on the site only a few – such as the gorgeous Bambu Indah in Ubud, Bali, (from £63 per room a night) – will make the cut. There is also a dedicated Kids’ Collection for travelling families.

Doris and Dicky

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We ship most of our products ourselves. Before leaving our premises, each item is carefully inspected and packaged, in order to make sure that it will reach you in perfect condition. We only use shipping companies that we trust will deliver your order safely and in time. In the majority of cases we use the swedish postal service. We strive to keep delivery charges as low as possible. Hence most of the time we can not supply tracking numbers for your shipment. If you want us to use a different way of shipping, please contact us ahead of placing your order.

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Accès Savoirs, la boutique de sciences de l’Université Laval

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Boutique médailles de baptême LAUDATE Paris

Laudate propose une collection complète d’alliances de mariage en or massif et en diamants. Les modèles proposés sont des alliances en or jaune, or blanc, or rose ou platine. La gravure à l’intérieur de l’alliance est offerte. La Maison accompagne et guide les futurs mariés dans le choix de la forme, du tour de doigt et de la couleur de l’or des alliances de mariage.

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Fast Four-Patch Quilt Tutorial – Diary of a Quilter

Fast Four-patch quilt tutorial

Finished quilt: 40? x 56?

  • 1 1/4 yard background print
  • At least 8 different 1/8 yards for contrasting four-patch blocks (you can use more if you want)
  •  OR a couple of packages of 5? precut squares
  • 1 3/4 yard backing*
  • 3/8 yard binding


  • From background print cut 5 strips 8 1/2? x width of fabric. Sub cut into 17 squares 8 1/2? x 8 1/2?.
  • From four-patch prints cut 72 squares, 4 1/2? x 4 1/2?
  • From binding fabric cut 5 strips 2 1/2? x width of fabric

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Basic Hand Stitches for Beginners

After I recently wrote about “How To Teach Kids To Sew” and shared some of our favourite beginner sewing projects for kids, it got me thinking, that for many it may be helpful to have a “go to place for” basic hand stitches – ie what are commonly used stitches for sewing – especially for kids and when to use them. So I have put together a list and set of instructions on the stitches that I used the most with MY kids. The blanket stitch how to and the French Knot How To, were probably the most requested! They are both fabulous stitches o learn! These basic hand stitches are great for hand sewing, but also for anyone looking at embroidery stitches.

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