Altering a mens shirt to be a smaller size or to fit a women

Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe to keep up to date on all my new videos :) This project shows how I alter a men’s XXL shirt down a couple sizes for fit me. Now before you say anything, I like my shirts to be a little on the bigger side…but this shirt started off HUGE. I altered it to be big enough to wear it over layers, but not look like I’m swimming in it :) Thanks for watching and HUGS :)

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Sewing Thread Organizer • Queen Bee of Honey Dos

Sewing Thread Organizer
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So, I needed a thread shelf to hang on my new wall storage system, and I have seen a few similar to this one floating around on the web.

Sewing Thread Organizer

From Sugar Bee Crafts

Like this one found at Sugar Bee Crafts,

Sewing Thread Organizer

From The Creative Homemaker

or this one found at The Creative Homemaker. I like how she added the bobbin nails. I may do that later.

However, none were exactly what I wanted. So,off

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"Cable Cord Cozy

This is the mess of tangled cables and gadgets and thingys that usually lurk at the bottom of my bag or in a pocket if I am lucky, some live on my desk and they are nearly always tangled. Fun huh! I have been waiting to make this piece for ages and playing around with the design and when packing for my holiday I just bit the bullet and made one up. the solution to my untidy cable issues.  A Home and Away Cable Cosy.

You will need: Two 1/2 metre pieces of contrasting fabrics, 1/2 metre medium weight iron on interfacing, 10” zip, thread, poppers, elastic, a small belt clasp, 30cm of felt,

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Looking back over our sewing patterns so far, we’ve noticed that we seem to have a bit of a thing for hand stitching. A lot of a thing, in fact. Turns out, we’ve recommended finishing hems, waistbands and linings by hand in all three of our patterns – which comes as a surprise as we had no idea what perfectionists we really were! Ain’t nothing like a flawless finish, so we’re going to take you through four of our favourite and most useful hand stitches.

*WARNING – this is a super nerdy post, filled with loadsa close up step-by-step images of sewing samples and long winded explanations. To be digested in small doses…!*

First things first – there are two main ways to thread your hand sewing needle and both are

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Tailoring Tutorials: Hand-stitching @ Brass & Mortar Uniform Depot and Tailoring Shop

I’ve discovered during the years that most modern fashion… sucks. This was originally a quick reply to customer, but it quickly turned into one of my rants. What a perfect opportunity to introduce my new blog.

Someone just showed me an eBay listing of an “artisan” men’s designer piece for $2,000 USD. Someone took a greatcoat pattern, made a poor, unstructured replica, ran it through the spin cycle and called it an art statement. Well, if they’re trying to say today’s trade is in a state of ruin, job well done. It’s hard not to act curmudgeonly the more educated I become on the men’s clothing history. The chain of tradition is broken, and we’re left with overpriced baggy sacks. These sacks are the ruins of ancient ornate temples built

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Tailored Stories – An Oral History of Savile Row

This film celebrates the history and skills of the men and women in the bespoke tailoring industry with candid stories of pride and hardship, working conditions, conflict and camaraderie and brushes with the famous and powerful. Most of all, this film puts those who have made the area synomomous with the highest quality craftsmanship at the centre of this history.

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